In July 2018 the ICCC established a technical working group within its agriculture workstream. This challenge and review group is known as the AgCharg group. The AgCharg group does not have any decision-making role. It reviews and provides input on proposals brought to the group by the ICCC.

Purpose of the AgCharg group

The purpose of the AgCharg group is to feed in sector knowledge from different industry perspectives, and to discuss the ICCC's analysis of potential policy options. 

The group includes members from the Biological Emissions Reference Group(external link) (BERG). The BERG is made up of senior environmental policy managers and advisers in their respective organisations. They have specific knowledge of a sector, particularly in the field of environmental policy. They also have access to a range of other expertise, including in agricultural economics and farm systems.

Participants are required to act confidentially, independently and with integrity. AgCharg members are also expected to review and challenge the assumptions underlying the ICCCs' evidence and analysis.

AgCharg group members

The organisations involved are:



Dairy Companies Association of NZ

Deer Industry NZ

Fertiliser Association

Federation of Maori Authorities



Meat Industry Association

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