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Our focus has been on getting out and about across the country, listening to what people have to say. We’ve met with over 200 organisations and individuals so far, including in the electricity, energy, transport, agriculture, financial and forestry sectors.

Consultation and engagement is a critical part of our work, and we've embarked on a targeted but very extensive engagement programme. Our Terms of Reference(external link) require us to:

... engage with the public, iwi/hapū/Māori, industry, technical experts, special interest groups, sector lead groups and other interested parties.

Focussing our engagement progamme on the two key questions in our Terms of Reference has enabled us to engage deeply, with very frank and fruitful discussions, with a good cross-sector of New Zealand businesses, organisations and sector groups.

What we've heard so far

David Prentice, ICCC Chair, recently distilled from the many and varied conversations with stakeholders a number of themes. Broadly, what he's heard so far from stakeholders falls into one of the following five themes:

  • We’re all in this together: We need to understand the likely impacts of any proposed changes across sectors and regions. What are the opportunities and issues? How can we support impacted communities to prosper?
  • Acknowledge progress to date: Work on reducing emissions is happening right across the country. How do we create a compelling narrative around work already taking place for NZ Inc?
  • Highlight the opportunities: We need to provide insight into opportunities for diversification. Stakeholders want us to provide detailed evidence and analysis to understand and plan.
  • Certainty and predictability: Be clear about our evidence and eventual direction enabling us to plan while encouraging the financial sector to invest and reward good practice.
  • Global Stage: We need to consider opportunities and risks for New Zealand on the global stage. We must honour our international committments, while continuing to grow New Zealand for our future generations.

BlueScope Pacific Steel

BlueScope Pacific Steel-Interim Climate Change Committee

The team learn more about steel making.

BlueScope Pacific Steel-Interim Climate Change Committee

Keith Turner in his element.

Rural Women New Zealand

Rural Women New Zealand Interim Climate Change Committee2

Fiona Gower and Angela McLeod with the team.

11th EDS Climate Change & Business Conference

EDS Climate Change and Business Conference

Peter Buckley, Jan Wright and Hon Bernard Savage engaging with delegates.

Meeting with Federation of Māori Authorities

Meeting with Federation of Maori Authorities

Karakia - FOMA and the ICCC Committee

Tiwai Point Aluminium Smelter

Tiwai Point Aluminium Smelter

Stew keeping the team thoroughly engaged

Martinborough Farm Visit

Martinborough Farm Visit

Learning more about sustainable farming practices

Matatina Marae Te Roroa

Matatina Marae Te Roroa

Investigating alternative electricity sources at Matatina Marae

Callaghan Innovation - Hydrogen storage solutions

Callaghan Innovation - Hydrogen storage

Jan and Keith excited to learn more about hydrogen storage

Callaghan Innovation - Hydrogen storage

Investigating hydrogen storage solutions with with Robert Holt

Generating Power with Boilers, Biomass Burners, Solar and Wind

Antonia and Warren at Lulworth wind farm

Antonia and Warren at Lulworth wind farm

Brightwater biomass plant

David, Antonia and Laurie investigating the Brightwater biomass plant

Coal boiler Nelson Hospital

Coal boiler Nelson Hospital

Yealands biomass burners

Laurie learning more about the biomass burners at Yealands Vineyard

Yealands solar array from across vineyard

One of New Zealand's largest solar arrays at Yealands Vineyard

Farmer Workshop with DairyNZ Climate Change Ambassadors

DairyNZ Climate Change Ambassadors

Learning more about farming practices with some of the DairyNZ Climate Change Ambassadors

DairyNZ Climate Change Ambassadors

Barn workshop with the DairyNZ Climate Change Ambassadors

For more updates on our engagement programme see our Updates from the Committee section.

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