On 14 August 2018 the ICCC was invited to a forum with members of the New Zealand Forest Owners Association. 12 members who, themselves, represented a number of organisations and member agencies attended on the day.

Purpose of the forestry forum

The Government is focussed on pathways for how New Zealand can achieve a goal of 100 per cent renewable electricity by 2035, and how surrender obligations could best be arranged if agriculture greenhouse gases enter the NZETS. The ICCC will address both of these questions while also providing independent evidence and analysis on how New Zealand can transition to a low emissions future economy.

Carbon sequestration and carbon trading are important aspects of the transition.

The forum was an opportunity to hear directly from forestry owners, and forestry owners' associations, and to share perspectives and evidence. In particular we wanted to understand the opportunities and implications for large forestry owners in New Zealand.

Topics covered at the forum were wide-ranging, and particular to New Zealand Forest Owners Association members. Topics included land prices, carbon prices and market certainty, the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme, native versus exotic tree planting, land-use change, biofuels and barriers to investment.

Click here for the Forestry Forum Agenda [PDF, 426 KB].

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