The ICCC met with major electricity generators, retailers and Transpower on 2 August 2018. The forum was an opportunity to listen and engage and consider New Zealand's transition to a low emissions economy.

Purpose of the electricity forum

The Government is focused on pathways for how New Zealand can achieve a goal of 100 per cent renewable electricity by 2035. While the ICCC will address this, we also want to focus on the broader goal of how we can transition to a low emissions energy future.

This forum was an opportunity to bring together Chief Executives from the major electricity generation and retail companies and Transpower to begin engagement. The investment decisions these participants make will obviously have a major impact on the Government's goal.

Through participants sharing their perspectives and modelling, we understand more about the advance of New Zealand’s transition to a low emissions energy future.

Participants were given 50 minutes to present their views, including a Q & A session after each presentation.

The following questions were provided as a guide to what we sought feedback on:

  • Are the Government’s objectives for the sector achievable?
  • Will a focus on a low emissions energy future get us there?
  • How might this be achieved?
  • What might be done to ensure it is achieved?
  • What does the ICCC need to take into account?

Click here for the ICCC Electricty Forum agenda [PDF, 438 KB]

We've compiled the presentations from the forum into a single PDF file. Click here to access the electricity forum presentations(external link).

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