The ICCC hosted a Cross-sector Forum with around one hundred senior leaders and decision-makers in Wellington on 14 March. The purpose of the day was to discuss and debate the ICCC’s proposed direction on the two questions from our Terms of Reference:

  • how surrender obligations could best be arranged if agricultural methane and nitrous oxide emissions enter into the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (NZ ETS)
  • planning for the transition to 100% renewable electricity by 2035.

Senior leaders and key decision-makers were invited from relevant sectors, including: Iwi, energy, agriculture, transport, finance and insurance, forestry, government, and community and environmental sectors. 

The responses from the day are arranged in question/table order to give a full picture of the thinking and conversations at each table. Comments made in the plenary sessions are also included. We have not attributed comments directly to individual attendees, nor have we edited them. We have simply transcribed them.

Go here to read, or download, the responses: ICCC Cross-sector Forum Responses [PDF, 778 KB]

Go here to read, or download, the introductory session: ICCC Cross sector Forum-Introductory session [PDF, 676 KB]

You can also view the agriculture presentation from the day. The electricity presentation will be published after release of the ICCC's reports. 

ICCC Cross-sector Forum

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ICCC Cross sector Forum 2

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