The ICCC met with Chief Executives and senior managers representing 11 different organisations and agencies from the New Zealand agriculture sector on 24 August. The forum was an opportunity to engage, share perspectives and consider New Zealand's transition to a low emissions economy.

Purpose of the agriculture forum

The Government is focused on how surrender obligations could best be arranged if agriculture greenhouse gases enter the NZETS. While the ICCC will address this, we will also consider the full suite of options to deliver efficient emission reductions across the agriculture sector.

Business decisions made by the forum participants will have a significant impact on how those options could be delivered.

The purpose of this forum was an opportunity to bring together senior leaders from the ruminant agriculture industry sector to engage and share perspectives and evidence. In particular we wanted to understand the opportunities and implications of delivering emission reductions in the agriculture sector.

Participants were given 10 minutes to present their views, using the following key questions as a guide:

  • What are the main challenges for the sector to reduce emissions?
  • What are the opportunities?
  • What does the ICCC need to take into account?

The day included in-depth workshops on different policy options, and participants' views on what level any compliance should sit (known as point of obligation).

Click here for the ICCC Agriculture Forum agenda [PDF, 820 KB]

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