David Prentice,

Good afternoon

Minister, fellow Committee Members, ladies and gentlemen

On behalf of the Interim Climate Change Committee I would like to thank the Minister for the opportunity to participate in this very important and challenging piece of work.

We actually met one another for the first time as a Committee this morning and I’m incredibly excited and honoured to be working with people of such high calibre.

We agreed that the Climate Change Commission and its precursor the Interim Climate Change Committee have real potential to make a significant contribution. And we are committed to ensuring that we deliver the best advice that will enable Government to make wise decisions.

Both the interim Committee and the subsequent Commission will be independent; but being independent does not mean we will work in isolation.  We will actively listen and engage across industry and key sectors, including the agricultural sector, to Māori, the research community and agencies and commercial organisations that have already undertaken considerable research and analysis.

We will engage and frame our questions in ways that draw insights from all these different sources. The intention is that we will then develop analysis and evidence from the insights gained from the engagement across the diverse stakeholder base to support future recommendations.

We recognise that a collaborative approach is critical to inform meaningful and reasonable transition pathways to achieving a net zero emissions target by 2050.  I am confident we can work with the wider New Zealand community to identify these pathways.

Thank you.

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