Mike Thompson from the UK’s Committee on Climate Change joined the Interim Climate Change Committee on a six-week secondment during July and August 2019. Mike is Head of Carbon Budgets at the CCC and one of its first staff members. He leads the Committee's work on mitigation – how fast the UK should cut emissions and how that can be done. Most recently he led the work for the Committee’s ‘Net Zero’ report, setting out how and why the UK should end its impact on global warming within 30 years.  

Mike gave several presentations while he was in New Zealand to help us learn from the UK’s experience, share perspectives, differences and ideas. You can watch Mike's full 3-part presentation below - Taking climate change seriously - the UK story.

Part 1 - The UK Climate Change Act (21:44)

Part 2 - Net-zero ambition (17:15)

Part 3 - The UK story so far (13:18)


You can view Mike's slides here [PDF, 2.5 MB].


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